Introducing Kaella Wilson!

Hello Wednesday!  I would like you to meet my intern/assistant/right-hand-woman...Kaella Wilson.  Kaella has been working with me since August and her help with marketing, social media, design, and blogging has been invaluable.  Not to mention the fact that she loves weddings in the same way that I do (the type-a, slightly OCD, everything must run smoothly, check and recheck, happy tears way), and she has assisted me on site for the last few weddings of our season.  I am soooo happy to have her on board to learn the "Allure Way" as she starts the classes to become a Certified Wedding Consultant. Michelle Martinez (the owner of Allure) and I both completed and passed the 5 month-long certification program taught by Joyce Scardina Becker.  My classes were through Cal State East Bay and Kaella starts her classes in January.  And she will be blogging about them!  And about her journey in this industry and her role as it evolves working with Allure.  Exciting!

Kaella and I have big plans for 2012.  Starting off in January, we are part of the Library at the Lab Event in Sonoma and I am looking at that as a way to re-introduce Allure back into the industry fold.  I'm really excited to have Kaella by my side at that event.  I'm excited to have her in my world, period!

So, here she is.  Check out her gluten-free guide blog and learn a little more about her.  She's pretty awesome.

Kaella will be posting for the first time tomorrow, and then every week with  pretty inspiration boards and  updates about her classes and working with Allure.
Welcome, Kaella!