Wedding Planner Certificate Program: My first day of class

I have two degrees. A business. A fantastic job at Allure. Experience. And industry connections. So why get my wedding planning certificate, you ask? I truly believe one can and should never stop learning. I come from a family of educators. My father is a Chemical Engineering professor & researcher at Stanford University. My stepmother taught and researched Chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard before taking on the role of SLAC director at Stanford University. Brainy, I know. But growing up among these high level educators and scientists taught me that one can always learn more in their field. When I first decided to work in the wedding and event planning industry, I knew that I would eventually go back to school, and probably would continue to take courses throughout my career to ensure I am always offering my clients and colleagues the very best. It was meeting Christy and learning of her and Michelle’s experience in Joyce Scardina Becker’s Wedding Planner Certificate class that showed me the time was now. Not only an award winning wedding planner with 25 years under her belt, she is a successful business woman, a wife, a speaker, an author, an innovator (she founded the Wedding Planner Certificate program and WIPA, the Wedding Industry Professionals Association). I couldn’t think of a better person to learn from, than someone who embodies so much of what I hope to achieve.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous leading up to my first day of class. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school and had homework. But I was also excited because of the amazing things Christy told me about the program. The people I would meet, the detail of information provided, the semester long project that is based on a real-life wedding. And in the end, the pride I will feel to stand among my Allure colleagues and mentors, Christy and Michelle, and say “We are certified wedding planners” is the consummate feeling.

Once class began, my nerves were settled, which is ironic because we learned the amount of work and studying required for the class. I suppose it didn’t overwhelm me, as I like school (the dose of nerd in me) and I’m passionate about the work. What I’m most looking forward to is the project, a “Staging Guide.” A staging guide is essentially the binder every planner should have for each wedding. As a former project manager in the marketing industry, I also used binders to keep all the information for each project. It holds everything related to the event or project, from objectives and background information to timelines and vendor contracts. You bring it will you to meetings and events, so your information is with you at all times. As a project manager, I referred to this as “the bible, ” and it’s no different in wedding planning. I plan to use a real wedding for my project… I just need to decide which one.

9 hours and no breaks later, my hand hurt from taking so many notes, but my brain was swimming with information and ideas. A I drove home on the 880 freeway, I received a call from my Father with great news that my brother just proposed to his girlfriend in Costa Rica and she said yes! My first thought was Yay! She is so darling and I was hoping he was going to pop the question soon. My second thought was, oh! another potential couple for my project... *wink*

Until next time!