The Perfect Photo Opp {Inspiration Board}

I have been seeing some absolutely, amazingly gorgeous, perfect "photo opps" lately, and I thought it only fair to share some of my favorites. When thinking about your wedding, photography is one of the key ingredients. Not only do you need to choose the right photographer for your personality and your day, but you need to have a tentative photography plan outlined. Think about when and where those perfect photo opp moments might take place. You can never re-create someone else's, but you can pull inspiration from a gorgeous photo to discover your very own moment. Take a peak at few I found to be pretty stunning.

Bridesmaids | Bride/Groom on Floor | Bride/Groom Against Brick Wall | Balloon Save The Date | Bride/Bridesmaids | Bride/Groom on Dock | Flower Girl | Bride/Groom Confetti | Bride/Groom on Blanket | Bride/Groom in SF | Shoes