Blogs We Love. 1st post: Modern Kiddo

Hi there!  So the wedding industry is all about connections, connections, connections.  We seek inspiration from storefronts and architecture, art and craft, history, literature, geography, food, nature and fashion.  We like to stay on top of current and emerging trends and we like to stay connected to others in the industry as we all share our clients, ultimately.  A wedding planner does not work in a bubble!  Keeping up with everything is a wonderful challenge and most days, there simply aren't enough hours.  I strive to maintain a healthy life/work balance and that means that to-dos on my to-do list today often end up on tomorrow's list.  So I love it when I can combine my life with my work.  Afterall, my greatest inspiration comes from the everyday, the often mundane, and the view right in front of me: Life.  For example, as a working mom, I'm on pinterest pinning wedding flowers, reception signage, the next pair of flats I want, easy recipes, organizational ideas, and stuff for kids--games, decoration, apparel, rainy day name it.  My pinterest boards represent my life--it's a mixed bag, people!  A mixed bag of awesome.

When I come across a blog that hits more than misses in how it relates to MY life, I am a dedicated fan.  We wear a lot of hats and I love getting to know other moms doing the same juggling act.  Michelle, the owner of Allure and my dear friend, is one such mom, and she recently introduced me to this blog:  Michelle's friend, Alix, edited the copy for the original Allure website--I'm sure some of that very copy remains on the site today!  Alix is a "vintage and design lovin' mama" and her blog is AWESOME.  It's exactly what I am talking about: the content fits many parts of my life--not just the 'wedding planner' part, although there is plenty design inspiration there for weddings and parties.  It's about kids, fashion, design...all with a super cool vintage focus.  Very fun.

Another cool thing about this blog...Alix's own wedding story.  Probably the most unique wedding post I have ever seen.  Alix and her husband got married 10 years ago in Palm Springs at the same house Elvis and Priscilla rented for their honeymoon (and where they most likely conceived Lisa Marie!)  Read about the history of this "House of the Future" and check out the pics of Alix and her husband chilling where Elvis once partied.  Seriously kick-ass.

Hope you enjoy Modern Kiddo as much as I do!

More on Pinterest in an upcoming blog!