Historic Charm

I am so excited to share today's post!  I haven't done this yet, but I want to include weddings that inspire me on this blog.   So here we are with my very first inspiring wedding to share!  My beautiful cousin got married last year and I simply loved her wedding.  From start to finish there were personal touches, and sweet details met us at every turn.  Being a guest was a delight--I sipped the signature cocktail, I found my name on the charming escort card fence, I danced the night away under pretty paper lanterns.  Courtney and Geoff created a fun, personal, and intimate family-oriented celebration.  I enjoyed every minute of it and commend them on throwing such a great party!

Here is Courtney's wedding story, in her words:

I was raised in Virginia, it's the state my husband and his military family lived the longest, and more importantly, it's the place we met and fell in love.  The Thomas Birkby House's 18th century origins, brick terraces, and manicured gardens appealed to our sense of history and home. We wanted to introduce our guests to our state and our love story in an intimate garden setting full of romantic and personal details. Inspired by the shades of Southern porch ceilings, painted blue to mimic the sky, we chose dusty aqua blue and rich chocolate brown to ground our wedding color palette, providing a sweet contrast to antique silver and creamy petal accents. We displayed family wedding photos to celebrate the great love stories we know best, and incorporated handmade touches throughout the decor- hand-tied posy pins and cookies baked from a family recipe served as favors, built a frame to display our handmade escort cards, covered books in blue paper in a nod to our university beginnings and love of literature, and in one daring DIY escapade, I made my first ever mosaic after a case of mercury glass votives arrived broken (and non-returnable). There isn't a single lemon that can't be turned into lemonade when you keep your eye on the prize- honoring your partner and the love you share.



Photographer: Abby Jiu Photography, www.abbyjiu.com Florist: Growing Wild, www.growingwildfloral.com Venue: The Thomas Birkby House, www.birkbyhouse.com Makeup Artist: Ryan Krasney, Blend, www.blendevent.com Caterer: Joan Wolford, Savoir Fare, www.savoirfarelimited.com Design Coordinator: Carrie Moe, Fleurish Events, www.fleurishevents.com Cake: Jason Reaves, Market Salamander, www.marketsalamander.com Monogram Design: Jennifer Olmstead, Deleted Space Creative, jennifer@deletedspacecreative.com

(And thank you for contributing, Courtney.  You were a stunning bride and you are a fabulous writer!)