Awesome Favor: Caricature Art!

My favorite wedding favors aren't favors at all.  I love the ever popular photo booth, the touching, personal and easy charity donation, and the super fun Artist/Performer at the party.  I've planned weddings with palm readers, faux tattoo artists, cameo artists, and my favorite...the caricature artist!  For an affordable fee, you can hire someone to come to the reception for 3-4 hours, set up a little station, and draw your guests one by one as they delight in the participatory process.  It's a hoot!  And your guests get to take their sketch home--a veritable piece of high art in some cases! I sat down for Brett (Caricatures by Brett, Doodle Ink) at a wedding last summer--just to warm him up before the guests rushed him after dinner...  I thought it was so cool!  And I love my sketch, the likeness is incredible.  What do you think?

Not too shabby, right?  And not cruel--like some caricature artists.  Be careful who you hire!  And look--you can tell I'm a hard working wedding planner here, I've got my phone and clipboard.  And smile!