Irresistible! Sprinkle Cake, star of Pinterest

Hi Wednesday!  Today I want to introduce you to the most popular girl in school.  The girl is a wedding cake and the school is wedding industry favorite, Pinterest.  I recently pinned this Sprinkle Cake to my board, General Prettiness.  This cake has been a Pinterest star, pinned and re-pinned all over the place.  I fell in love with it at first sight.  The colorful cake is eye-catching and whimsical, it's playful yet still classic in a way.  And it looks like it tastes amazing, right?  I want to be at the wedding that has this cake.

I had to do a little hunting to find the original source of the picture, and the cake's creator. Here is the original post, over on the Storyboard Wedding blog.  And the bakery is Birchgrove Baking in Vermont.  And the photographer is Jessica Hardy.  I wonder if she got to taste the cake... This cake just won't leave me alone!  I am a wedding planner in the SF Bay Area, far far away from this cake's 'hometown'.  But I am inspired by it and would love to see a similar effect on baked goods and decor at weddings I attend and plan this year.  The possibilities are endless!  Solid gold sprinkles, confetti shaped sprinkles, cupcakes, even ice cream sandwiches or macaroons could be rolled in delightful sprinkles.  Basically, the cake makes a statement and I like it!