Preppy, Nautical, Classic Wedding Inspiration

Hi Wednesday! I want to share my Pinterest board for a bride I am working with on design and planning.  J and I are in the process of collecting inspiration for her fall wedding.  It's at a yacht club in San Francisco and I am so excited about the bright, crisp pallet we are working with!  Think royal blue, aqua, and bright coral and pink...

I think one of the easiest ways to elevate and personalize an event is through linens.  I love mixing patterns and fabrics to create the base of the design for a wedding.  Everything else is on top of the linens, literally.  I'm not afraid to pair bold and subtle, bright and neutral, and of course, the weight and feel of the linen is almost as important as the color and pattern.  The possibilities are endless!  I have a meeting with J at LaTavola in San Francisco next week so we can make decisions.  LaTavola is my favorite rental company for linens, they have an amazing selection and I want to live in their gorgeous SF studio!  We'll head in thinking clean lines, preppy patterns, and bold color combos.  And hopefully, we'll leave with a plan, an order, and a realized wedding vision!   

swatches by La Tavola





Allure: 12th Week in Review

Hi!  Happy Sunday!  I am actually working on this a little late this week.  I like to draft my posts on Friday or Saturday, but this week has been a whirlwind! 1.  St Francis Yacht Club.  I am working with a bride to plan her wedding this September at the St Francis Yacht Club in SF.  It's my first time to work at the venue and I am really excited!  She and I met up this week in the city to discuss everything--we started with the big picture and then got down to the details and logistics.  I'm busy pinning for this wedding now...check it out!  2.  Planning Planning Planning.  This job hinges on scheduling.  As a full time work-from-home mom, it's all in the planning...and the planning is 90% scheduling.  It's a juggling act, for sure.  Last week wasn't any busier than any other week, in fact it was fairly calm...but I was really busy setting my schedule for the next two weeks.  I have lots of weddings coming up and they all have different packages based on different proposals.  So my 'Month of Coordination' package differs from one wedding to the next.  In order to keep on top of it all, I have to plan ahead--my phone calendar is my lifeline for this job.  It automatically backs up to my google account, a feat that allows me to sleep at night!  I would be lost without my calendar.  Some days I have to put 'shower' or 'sleep' into it.  Those days are particularly hectic!  For now, I am scheduling a tasting with clients at the Presidio Social Club, several design meetings with a couple getting married at the General's Residence in Ft Mason, a trip to Napa for site visits, a rehearsal in Marin for a June wedding at the Marin Art and Garden Center, and a visit with my partner Michelle Martinez when she comes into town.  I thrive on busy...and I might need a few days with 'nap' on the calendar!

3.  Cupcakes!  My favorite cupcake shop is Frost Cupcake Factory in downtown Campbell.  I have clients getting married in September and we've already had a tasting there and put in a big order.  I like to visit from time to time (every week, sometimes twice a week) to do a little quality far so good!  But I'll still check, wink wink.  My favorite cupcake is the toasted almond (pic below).  Now Frost is serving Peets espresso drinks, so I think I might have a new coffee-shop-to-work destination!  Yum!

More to come!  I'm excited to share my styled shoot, my new video, and my pictures and experiences from next week's Rengstorff House Unveiled Event!  I'll keep you posted.  Literally!