Our President Supports Same-Sex Marriage!

Finally!  Good news on the heels of North Carolina's hateful amendment passing.  President Obama came out in support of gay marriage today and I am so happy about this, I keep crying!  I seriously had to pull over earlier today when I heard the news, and with my son in the backseat, I joyfully read the posts and articles and tweets out loud to him.  This is a monumental announcement, and I LOVE it! Here's some of what I have been reading and sharing today:

Huffington Post Celeb Reactions Think Progress 

My fierce support for LGBT equal rights and same-sex marriage is no secret.  It's personal to me, it's obvious to me, and I'm actively making it a part of my business in the wedding industry.  Today, I am proud of our president.  I'm emotional because I know how much this means to so many people, and I believe we are all basking in the light of a brave man right now.

Here is one of my very favorite quotes about President Obama's announcement: “This is a major turning point in the history of American civil rights. No American president has ever supported a major expansion of civil rights that has not ultimately been adopted by the American people–and I have no doubt that this will be no exception.  The march of freedom that has sustained our country since the Revolution of 1776 continues, and no matter what setbacks may occur in a given state, freedom will triumph over fear and equality will prevail over exclusion.” -Mayor Michael Bloomberg

I too believe that freedom and equality will prevail, and I think we took a huge, beautiful step in the right direction today!

Allure: 13th Week in Review

I'm 30!  My birthday was Friday and I was happy to take a little break from working to celebrate it!  Next week will be a little packed because of it, but it was worth it!  After my husband and I spent a great evening in SF on Friday night, I woke up to a very busy Allure Saturday! Here's a peek at Allure's last week: 1.  Unveiled!  The Rengstorff House in Mountain View is a fantastic little wedding venue hidden in the Shoreline Nature Preserve.  It's a historical Victorian house with beautiful manicured lawns, a wrap-around porch and a cool brick patio.  Unveiled is an event that the Rengstorff House hosts for local wedding vendors to connect with engaged couples...many of whom are getting married there.  It's a much more intimate expo than other ones I have been to (some of which are hectic and stressful), so I was thrilled to have Allure's first table as a vendor be at this event.  I invited my friend, Krista Lynch to 'man' my table with me.  Krista is a wedding photographer--check out a recent wedding of hers on Style My Pretty!  We had a great time talking to brides and grooms and parents, and getting to know other vendors.  I hope to book weddings based on yesterday's conversations, and I will definitely be back for next year's Unveiled!   The linens and tables were provided by Stuart Rental Company for the whole event--big thank you for choosing a color scheme that goes so well with Allure's brand!  And the pictures are by Krista, of course.  I'll post more about this great event as I start to get more post-event info and pics!

2.  Haute Bride Opening Party and Bridal Fashion Show.  Right after Unveiled, I drove home for a quick change, then headed to Los Gatos for the Haute Bride Party.  I put on a racer back tank top, a sequin mini skirt and heels--it was HOT yesterday, even at 7pm everyone was in shorts and tanks.  The warm weather made for a summery, chilled wine kind of a fete and everyone at Haute looked amazing!  Designer Hayley Paige was at the party and presented a runway show of her current line of gorgeous wedding dresses.  There was one with a champagne sequin skirt, I LOVED it!

3.  Marriage Equality Video.  Lastly, I am so happy to present my latest Allure video!  I will do a full post about this later, but I wanted to introduce it here and now as I got the final cut up on youtube just last week.  Huge thanks to my friend Sean Basaman of Good Joe Pictures for producing and directing the video.  I'm really proud of it and so excited to share it here and on Facebook today.

Allure: 8th Week in Review

This was a very productive week!  I spent the rainy days inside working, or at coffee shops working, or on Pinterest 'working' when I needed a break from the work!  Let's start with Pinterest...

1. Pinterest.  I Love Pinterest.  It's an online personal organiztion tool, it's a website to collect pictures with links of things you love, it's fashion, blogs you like to visit, home decor, project ideas, recipes, how-to's...whatever you want to 'pin' onto your 'boards', you do!  For wedding planning/inspiration/DIY it's a daily go-to.  I have boards for current clients, and I show prospective clients my Weddings of My Beautiful Clients board at every first meeting.  Pinterest is time-consuming because it is addictive, not because it is hard to figure out.  And it's time saving, because I don't need to bring individual portfolios to meetings to show clients.  I can do a lot of research and collecting on Pinterest, then send my clients the link to their board.  If you are anything like me, you have had a large spiral notebook at some point in your life, filled with pages torn out of magazines---inspirational sayings and articles, pretty pictures, lists of random ideas or goals...my pinterest account is that beat up spiral notebook.  Except way more organized and less likely to get lost.

2.  New promotional video.  This week, I shot the interview part of the short video my friend Sean Basaman is producing for me.  (Sean Basaman's business website is under construction--but here's a link to his wedding that I planned!)  Sean is an excellent producer and director.  He has been the field producer for Dancing with the Stars, so he knew how to work with a diva like me.  Just kidding.  He didn't know.  Kidding!  I'm not a diva.  Really.  Anyway, we are doing this video to share my commitment to gay rights and marriage equality.  It's a commitment Sean and I share and one that is very important to Allure's mission as a small business.  Shooting the interview was really fun, and I can't wait to share the final product!  It's a project that is also tied into the styled shoot Kaella and I are doing next week with Meg Perotti.  Hint hint...!
Allure Video.1
Here's the first video I did for Allure.  On my youtube channel.

3.  2012 Weddings.  This past week, I booked a few weddings and spent time organizing as I prep to start the actual planning work.  Like I've said before...it feels like a lot more work to get weddings than to do weddings sometimes.  I'm about to start a lot more doing!  Here are a few of the venues I'll be working at this year...Rengstorff House in Mountain View, Fort Mason in San Francisco (pic below), St Gregory's and the Presidio Social Club in San Francisco, and the Marin Art and Garden Center.  And in two weeks, I'll be at Tilden Park in Berkeley to help set up a reception for dear friends!

      Gotta go!  I have work to do!

A repost: Gay Weddings, an open love letter to my brother

This post was originally published on my dear friend Trisha Dean's blog.  I worked for Trisha Dean Events in 2011, TDE and Allure share a commitment to marriage equality.  This post is important to me and I wanted to share it again. An Open Love Letter to my Brother…

With Love, Christy

My dream career is to plan weddings for gay couples. I am a certified wedding planner, have been working in San Francisco for over 3 years, and got married myself in 2009. My brother, Alex, stood as a groomsman while our vows were exchanged and I know one day, I will stand up for my brother as he recites his own vows with his husband.

Here’s the thing: My brother is awesome. To know him is to love him. He is brilliant, ambitious, handsome, hilarious and loyal. He is the best person in the world to people–watch with. His sense of humor is wicked and no one makes me laugh more…or laughs with and at me more, which is a true delight in my life. I think he might rule the world one day.  Thing #2: He is gay. So in most of America, by law, he is not allowed by to get married and he is stared at if he so much as walks down the street holding hands with another man. Not to mention the myriad of civil liberties he is not afforded. I don’t want to rant about politics here, but you can see where I stand and where I am going with this. I love this man. He deserves to be happy the same way that everyone else does. While I continue to love planning straight weddings, I need to put out there that I also love the gay and lesbian community, I support gay MARRIAGE, and I would be living a personal dream if I were working for gay couples right there along with my beloved straight couples.

So…here is my mission for 2011 and the future: I will work tirelessly (and happily!) to create beautiful, personal events for my clients. I believe weddings are a heightened experience and we have so few of these elevated moments in our lives. I also believe everyone deserves to feel loved and supported as they make the monumental life decision to get married. I hope one day planning gay weddings will be as “normal” as planning straight weddings, especially out here in California. But that day is not now, and for now I want to learn how to reach out to the gay community, market to the gay community and better support them through my career as a wedding planner. I truly look up to Bernadette of14 Stories, who has created the first gay wedding planning firm. She is an inspiration to me and to the wedding industry overall.

I don’t just want to stand up next to my brother when he gets married one day.  I want to plan the wedding. I want to plan the wedding in a country that recognizes, accepts, and embraces love and marriage for all.

So catch up with me, America!**

**you know who you are

Photo source: Shaughn Photography

Prop 8: The Fight Continues

Yesterday (2-7-12), in California, the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals deemed Proposition 8 unconstitutional.  Hooray!  This is certainly a positive ruling as far as Allure is concerned, and for all others who believe in marriage equality.  A step in the right direction for civil rights.  But...it's a familiar step for the crazy state of California.  We've been down this road before, and we've been disappointed before.  For now, not much changes for same sex couples in California that want to legally get married.  In fact, nothing does.  They still can't get married.  Prop 8 is a ban on gay marriage, and it will stay in affect until the deadline for an appeal--one that will likely be filed immediately by the homophobic opposition. It's no secret where I stand on this topic.  I am a fierce supporter of gay rights and believe whole heartedly (it's topic's like this that the term 'whole heartedly' is made for) in marriage equality.  Michelle, Kaella, and I are on the same page.  Allure is in business to help couples have amazing, personal, emotional, fun, fabulous weddings...we are here for all couples in that regard--L, G, B, T...it's all the same to us.  It's all wedding...it's all love.  And we love love!

For now, we keep on keeping on.  Yesterday was a victory in this civil rights movement, but we have a long way to go.

I love hearing what Bernadette Smith, gay wedding planner extraordinaire, has to say about Prop 8, and all things gay wedding.  Here is her post on yesterday's Huffington Post.  Follow her for updates and info--I do!

And I also love Randy Roberts Potts.  He is the grandson of ultra-conservative televangelist Oral Roberts, and he is gay.  He taking his cause "The Gay Agenda" on a tour through the bible belt and documenting the journey. Keeping up with him also helps me to stay informed and inspired.

"Gay and lesbian people fall in love. We settle down. We commit our lives to one another. We raise our children. We protect them. We try to be good citizens."  California Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Santa Monica


pic from 14stories.com