Blue Lace {Inspiration Board}

Blue lace is a gorgeous new addition to the fall fashion line up. Its popping up everywhere, in lovely variations of blue and in so many different styles. The one thing that doesn't change, is the regal, sophistication blue and lace combined, create. I wanted to share a gorgeous interpretation of how to pull blue lace into your wedding day or any event for that matter. A neutral, classic palette, feminine patterns, and pops of gold - equal perfection for this look!

Cake | Blue Lace Dress | Gold Teacup | Blue Earrings | Light Fixture

For the love of Pinterest

Hi!  As I caught up on work and blogging last night, I spent some time 'pinning' and I noticed that I am getting close to 1000 pins!  Thought it would be fitting to post about Pinterest today and share my boards with you.  As a wedding planner, I use Pinterest all the time.  Admittedly, it's addicting and a great way to procrastinate and distract myself from momentary boredom.  But the site as a whole is so much more than just that.  For clients, I create Pinterest boards that they can pin on with me if they want.  Each client board is like a personalized wedding inspiration board, it's always evolving and it's extremely user friendly.  If my clients see a cake stand that they like online, they can pin it to their board on my account and I can see what they like, and since the original link is attached, I can click on the cake stand image and find out where they saw it--maybe on the retail site, so I can order it for them if they want.  Basically, Pinterest boards take the place of the bulky binder with torn out magazine pages, or the stack of wedding magazines a bride might collect and then stick post-it bookmarks all over.

Here is one of my current client boards, Wedding Collection: Joanna.  It's a board that speaks to Joanna's general wedding vision and it's a collection of colors and patterns that Joanna loves.  She can pick specifics from this board to include in her wedding, or mix and match a little inspiration from here and there.

Here is a board called Weddings of My Clients!  It's just that, a Pinterest portfolio of my past weddings, with links to the wedding photographer's site, or to other blogs my weddings have been featured on.  This board is a fantastic way for prospective clients to see my work and get to know me a little.  I bring my iPad to initial consultations and show couples this board, instead of bringing several photo books of weddings I've planned.  Interactive and fun, y'all!

I also use Pinterest to collect images when I'm doing research on wedding trends or when I  want to explore a theme or design element.  These boards, like Weddings: Lace Ideas, are filled with ideas and images I love.

lace, clothespins

I love Pinterest, obviously!  I have boards filled with dinner recipes, interior design inspiration, and fun projects to do with my son.  On my to-do list today, in fact, is to go grocery shopping for the next week.  First stop, my Food board to choose some entrees and sides and check out the recipes.  It's time to try those red potatoes with parmesan!

As I get busier with wedding season, I'm sure I'll be relying on Pinterest more when it comes to my blog.  I look forward to sharing some of my favorite Pinners with you, and to continue to explore and collaborate on Pinterest--and you're invited, of course!