Blue Lace {Inspiration Board}

Blue lace is a gorgeous new addition to the fall fashion line up. Its popping up everywhere, in lovely variations of blue and in so many different styles. The one thing that doesn't change, is the regal, sophistication blue and lace combined, create. I wanted to share a gorgeous interpretation of how to pull blue lace into your wedding day or any event for that matter. A neutral, classic palette, feminine patterns, and pops of gold - equal perfection for this look!

Cake | Blue Lace Dress | Gold Teacup | Blue Earrings | Light Fixture

Blue Suede Shoes {Inspiration Board}

This week's dose of pretty came to me the other day while purchasing an AMAZING pair of Jeffery Campbell strappy sling-backs of royal blue suede and blush leather. I loved the shoes, but first thought to myself "Do I dare?" "How do I wear these?" "What are my color pairing possibilities?" I purchased anyway, and after much rummaging through my closet I grew to love a blush and gold combo, pop of pink, and my new blue suede shoes. I tell you this long-winded story of how I came to feel inspired by a certain palette option, because one of my very favorite notions is "find inspiration in the most unassuming places". To be quite honest, as a wedding blogger, its something I live by everyday. Taking my dogs for a walk, waiting in line for a salad, parallel parking (...I live in SF), or even grocery shopping (gorgeous Cali produce is a perfect stimulus ). The point is, while taking in all the obvious and beautiful wedding inspiration inundating us everyday online, always be on the look out for that not-so-obvious muse. Then turn to all those amazing wedding blogs ( Wedding Row California) to help you apply that found inspiration into real ideas. Happy hunting, xo.

 Chandelier | Gold JacketBlue Embroidered Dress | Pink Flowers | Blush Dress | Blush Fan | Cake | Blue Shoes | Pink Tulle Dress | Cream and Gold Dress | Pink Table Setting

Bows {Inspiration Board}

Bows, Bows everywhere and I love it! Bows are a big trend this year and they're showing up in the most creative ways, from hairstyles crafted into actual bows, to the simple and classic bow tie, to gorgeous bow-adorned gowns - any occasion could certainly benefit from a beautiful bow. They seem to be something that will always be a classic use of embellishment, a trend that will come and go in various styles, but definitely never leaves us for good. What do you think about the lovely bow? Classic, trendy, chic, girly? Take a peak at these uber adorable bow-tie clad mini bridal attendants. Too much!!

Placesetting | Clutch | Couple | Stationery | Bow Tie | Shoes | Bow/Braid | Gown

Emerald {Inspiration Board}

Hello! I hope everyone has had a productive, successful, and happy week as we move into some weekend R&R. Over at Wedding Row California we've been quite busy wrapping up photoshoots, curating gorgeous weddings, and of course lots of coffee dates with our favorite industry friends - sooo, I'm definitely ready for that rest & relaxation! PLUS, this weekend might just be shorts and maxi dress weather...two items of clothing that are typically pretty rare around these parts. Exciting stuff. Anyhow, lets get to gorgeous. Historically, I've been a neutral palette-type of gal with the occasional burst of bright color - however lately, I'm really loving some of these bolder statement hues. Good thing, because apparently this Fall calls for an abundance of bold, elegant jewel tones - which I'm more than ok with. My favorite in the jewel tone family is 'Emerald', he's regal, chic, dramatic, yet can also be romantic when paired with the right accents. I wanted to share some Emerald inspiration complemented with touches of lighter tones in peach, gold, and, mint. Such a great contrast of sweet meets drama.

 Emerald/Gold Dress | Invitation | Mint Dress | Tablescape | Emerald Shoes | PatternRing


Great Gatsby {Inspiration Board}

Hi friends and yay for Friday! Things are definitely in full swing around here in the wonderful world of weddings and we couldn't be more thrilled to start seeing sneak peaks of our couple's big days. Over at Wedding Row California, we just published a gorgeous wedding planned by your very own Christy Daly - make sure to check it out here. I wanted to share with you today a hot topic in the industry right There's so many ways gold is being incorporated into everything - fashion, events, home decor, chevon, polk-a-dots, color blocking. You name it and gold works. Although gold is a very fresh look in fashion and design right now, I still find it to always have vintage notes. This takes me to today's inspiration board - a soft spot in my heart for the 1920's era and the sassy look of the Great Gatsby style. I wanted to infuse some modern gold trends, with a touch of that Great Gatsby glamour. Possible bridal shower inspiration? So chic.

For some more sparkly inspiration, look no further.

Purse | DressesVaseHair PieceStationery | Great Gatsby

Confetti + Sparkle Inspiration Board

With New Years Eve just a day away, I've got confetti and sparkle on the brain.  Sounds like a great wedding theme to me.  No not just your typical black, gold and silver color palette.  2012 is going to be a great year and, with a future so bright, we must have color... lots of color!  Nothing says happy like bright colorful confetti, and if there's one day to sparkle it's your wedding day.  What do you think... Does this board get you in the mood to party? Top: Glitter Guide, The Knotty Bride

Middle: Somewhere Splendid, Asos, Confetti Systems

Bottom: Modern Cupcake, Etsy

Happy New Year!