Confetti {Inspiration Board}

CONFETTI!! That word, especially with a few exclamation marks makes me very happy. It gives you the immediate feeling of celebration and joy. Confetti is popping up all over the place, and not only in the truest sense of what "confetti" is, but in the designs of fashion, decor, stationery, and even food. Incorporating confetti into a bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, and EVEN your wedding, just screams fun. Plus, the addition of confetti makes for some AH-mazing photo opps - trust me on this one. So take a peak below, and peruse some gorgeous confetti and confetti-inspired designs that are applied in the most unassuming ways. I also have a swoon-worthy wedding with a little whimsey, some purple tulips, paper airplanes, and of course confetti...right here!

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Confetti + Sparkle Inspiration Board

With New Years Eve just a day away, I've got confetti and sparkle on the brain.  Sounds like a great wedding theme to me.  No not just your typical black, gold and silver color palette.  2012 is going to be a great year and, with a future so bright, we must have color... lots of color!  Nothing says happy like bright colorful confetti, and if there's one day to sparkle it's your wedding day.  What do you think... Does this board get you in the mood to party? Top: Glitter Guide, The Knotty Bride

Middle: Somewhere Splendid, Asos, Confetti Systems

Bottom: Modern Cupcake, Etsy

Happy New Year!