A Sparkly Ending {Inspiration Board}

I hope everyone had a really wonderful 4th of July this past Wednesday! We took full advantage of that mid-week break over at Wedding Row California. Fun in the sun, good friends, family, delish food, and lots of crazy sparkle at the end of the evening. As a tribute to this recent and glorious summer holiday, I wanted to remind you of how gorgeous a sparkly end to your nuptials can be. Sparklers have been a pretty popular "exit" trend for awhile now and certainly never disappoint with amazing photo opps. Get a little creative with your sparklers...in the way you package them for guests, how you use them in images, or even how to mix them into the decor. They're a temporary touch of drama, but create the most beautiful of sparkly endings...and what girl doesn't love that? Take a peak at this sparkly exit from an intimate wine country wedding.

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Color Blocking {Inspiration Board}

Summer is officially here! Very hard to contain my excitement, I'm a big fan of the change in seasons, it always offers a fresh perspective for the coming months. Whether it be personal goals, new adventures, a new wardrobe, or just the feeling of "new" 4 times a year - it's a simple thing in life that makes me happy. Since we're officially in the summer solstice, I wanted to brighten up your day with inspiration around one of my favorite new design trends - color blocking. Color blocking can be applied to just about anything in the design world - fashion, home decor, stationery, jewelry - so why not in a modern soiree as well? What a current style to outfit your bridesmaids in or design stationery after? Go with a more subtle approach through your accessories or the floral design you choose - but either way its a lively, bold, and stylish statement on your big day. Enjoy these gorgeous hues and your first weekend of summer!

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All White Wedding {Inspiration Board}

Hello! Well, today is my first guest post on the Allure Blog and I couldn't be more excited. I adore Christy and her team - so passionate, creative-minded, and just incredibly refreshing. For those who don't know - my name is Abigail Rutkowski, Co-Editor of Wedding Row California. We're the newest extension of The Wedding Row Network, a growing collection of regional wedding blogs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Smitten Magazine. Christy did a fantastic job of introducing me last week, you can check it out here. So my goal as Allure's guest blogger is to bring some of the pretty and peak inspiration for the modern couple's big day. Keep checking back every Friday, I have some gorgeous things planned for you!

Today is an ode to the "white after Memorial Day" rule. Its a bit of a tribute to the age old tradition of not wearing white until after Memorial Day and certainly not after Labor Day. We all know this is a super square way of thinking (honestly, I've been wearing my white jeans for two months now), but its official, you can break out your summer whites! So from this, I found inspiration in creating an all white wedding board that could stand up against the brightest of soirees. When I hear "summer whites", I think refreshing, clean, light, airy - all of which provided a style direction for today's wedding through the baby's breath, flowing fabrics, and natural elements. Add a touch of whimsy and you're all set for a perfect summer white wedding.

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