For the love of Pinterest

Hi!  As I caught up on work and blogging last night, I spent some time 'pinning' and I noticed that I am getting close to 1000 pins!  Thought it would be fitting to post about Pinterest today and share my boards with you.  As a wedding planner, I use Pinterest all the time.  Admittedly, it's addicting and a great way to procrastinate and distract myself from momentary boredom.  But the site as a whole is so much more than just that.  For clients, I create Pinterest boards that they can pin on with me if they want.  Each client board is like a personalized wedding inspiration board, it's always evolving and it's extremely user friendly.  If my clients see a cake stand that they like online, they can pin it to their board on my account and I can see what they like, and since the original link is attached, I can click on the cake stand image and find out where they saw it--maybe on the retail site, so I can order it for them if they want.  Basically, Pinterest boards take the place of the bulky binder with torn out magazine pages, or the stack of wedding magazines a bride might collect and then stick post-it bookmarks all over.

Here is one of my current client boards, Wedding Collection: Joanna.  It's a board that speaks to Joanna's general wedding vision and it's a collection of colors and patterns that Joanna loves.  She can pick specifics from this board to include in her wedding, or mix and match a little inspiration from here and there.

Here is a board called Weddings of My Clients!  It's just that, a Pinterest portfolio of my past weddings, with links to the wedding photographer's site, or to other blogs my weddings have been featured on.  This board is a fantastic way for prospective clients to see my work and get to know me a little.  I bring my iPad to initial consultations and show couples this board, instead of bringing several photo books of weddings I've planned.  Interactive and fun, y'all!

I also use Pinterest to collect images when I'm doing research on wedding trends or when I  want to explore a theme or design element.  These boards, like Weddings: Lace Ideas, are filled with ideas and images I love.

lace, clothespins

I love Pinterest, obviously!  I have boards filled with dinner recipes, interior design inspiration, and fun projects to do with my son.  On my to-do list today, in fact, is to go grocery shopping for the next week.  First stop, my Food board to choose some entrees and sides and check out the recipes.  It's time to try those red potatoes with parmesan!

As I get busier with wedding season, I'm sure I'll be relying on Pinterest more when it comes to my blog.  I look forward to sharing some of my favorite Pinners with you, and to continue to explore and collaborate on Pinterest--and you're invited, of course!

Allure: 14th and 15th Week in Review

Happy Mother's Day!  I am celebrating today with my two-year-old son Joey and I'm writing this as we sit on the couch sharing coffee (chocolate milk) out of my brand spanking new World's Best Mommy mug.  It's the little things, people! On to the week's review!  2 weeks, actually.  Last week I didn't post a Review because I was enjoying a mini vacation in Santa Cruz to ring in my 30th and my husband's 40th.  But a lot of wedding work has happened in the last two hasn't all been fun and games!  Here's a peek into the Allure world, what I've been up to and what has been making an impact in this awesome industry:

1.  Obama supports same sex marriage!  Here is my post from Wednesday, with links to the articles I read, and the historic interview video.  This monumental announcement gets double time on the Allure blog.  I know President Obama's official support will mean more weddings, equality and acceptance.  I'm looking forward to a greater shift in this direction and I'm feeling proud and optimistic!

2.  The Power of Pinterest.  I posted about the Sprinkle Wedding Cake that has been making the rounds on Pinterest and to my surprise, that post is my most popular blog post yet!  Pinterest is changing the social media scene at a crazy rate.  More and more brides are pinning away and the site is connecting vendors from all over the world.  The Sprinkle Cake, for example, was made by Birchgrove Bakery in Vermont and it is inspiring brides, moms and bakers EVERYWHERE...the picture is spreading like wild fire!  So, while I have been on the Pinterest train for a while now, I am realizing that I need to focus even more of my social marketing energy on the site.  If you aren't already following me on Pinterest, please do!

3.  Kaella--my illustrious assistant, guest blogger and partner in crime.  Kaella Wilson has finished her Wedding Planning Certification course!  This 5 month program has been keeping Kaella's plate full as she continued to grow her own business, Kaella Lynn Events, and post beautiful Inspiration Boards for this blog as a guest contributor.  Since Kaella and I met last summer, we have been working side by side--I shared experience and knowledge as a wedding planner, and Kaella helped me with branding and social marketing.  She assisted me on wedding days, we partnered up on a styled shoot, and we enjoyed industry events together representing Allure.  Now, since the certification course is over, Kaella will be focused on her own business and we'll continue to collaborate and support each other.  I'm proud of Kaella for completing the course (with flying colors, no doubt) and I'm excited about what's to come!

4.  Iliana Morton, Photographer.  I met Iliana this week to welcome her to the Bay Area and get to know her a little.  She just moved here from San Diego and having moved recently myself, I know how daunting the task of networking in a new place can be.  I was happy to meet Iliana and I hope we can work together this year, or next!

5.  The Dress Right Now.  Remember that time I said I need to focus more on Pinterest and it's impact on social marketing for Allure...well, this week offered a great opportunity!  Kate Middleton wowed the world again in a stunning dress.  This time, it was a vibrant teal number by Jenny Packham.  It fit her like a dream, the delicate lace back...gorgeous.  Kate continues to secure her position as fashion icon.  I pinned this dress as soon as I saw it on Pinterest.  It's blowing up!  I think a dress like this in ivory would be a perfect wedding dress, but I LOVE it in teal for brides too! 

Well, that's it for this Review!  I have lots of work to do this upcoming week--proposals for 2013 (yikes!), and floor plans for my June and July weddings.  Time flies!



Allure: 8th Week in Review

This was a very productive week!  I spent the rainy days inside working, or at coffee shops working, or on Pinterest 'working' when I needed a break from the work!  Let's start with Pinterest...

1. Pinterest.  I Love Pinterest.  It's an online personal organiztion tool, it's a website to collect pictures with links of things you love, it's fashion, blogs you like to visit, home decor, project ideas, recipes, how-to's...whatever you want to 'pin' onto your 'boards', you do!  For wedding planning/inspiration/DIY it's a daily go-to.  I have boards for current clients, and I show prospective clients my Weddings of My Beautiful Clients board at every first meeting.  Pinterest is time-consuming because it is addictive, not because it is hard to figure out.  And it's time saving, because I don't need to bring individual portfolios to meetings to show clients.  I can do a lot of research and collecting on Pinterest, then send my clients the link to their board.  If you are anything like me, you have had a large spiral notebook at some point in your life, filled with pages torn out of magazines---inspirational sayings and articles, pretty pictures, lists of random ideas or pinterest account is that beat up spiral notebook.  Except way more organized and less likely to get lost.

2.  New promotional video.  This week, I shot the interview part of the short video my friend Sean Basaman is producing for me.  (Sean Basaman's business website is under construction--but here's a link to his wedding that I planned!)  Sean is an excellent producer and director.  He has been the field producer for Dancing with the Stars, so he knew how to work with a diva like me.  Just kidding.  He didn't know.  Kidding!  I'm not a diva.  Really.  Anyway, we are doing this video to share my commitment to gay rights and marriage equality.  It's a commitment Sean and I share and one that is very important to Allure's mission as a small business.  Shooting the interview was really fun, and I can't wait to share the final product!  It's a project that is also tied into the styled shoot Kaella and I are doing next week with Meg Perotti.  Hint hint...!
Allure Video.1
Here's the first video I did for Allure.  On my youtube channel.

3.  2012 Weddings.  This past week, I booked a few weddings and spent time organizing as I prep to start the actual planning work.  Like I've said feels like a lot more work to get weddings than to do weddings sometimes.  I'm about to start a lot more doing!  Here are a few of the venues I'll be working at this year...Rengstorff House in Mountain View, Fort Mason in San Francisco (pic below), St Gregory's and the Presidio Social Club in San Francisco, and the Marin Art and Garden Center.  And in two weeks, I'll be at Tilden Park in Berkeley to help set up a reception for dear friends!

      Gotta go!  I have work to do!

Allure: 5th Week in Review

This week has been so busy; I feel like I barely have time to draft this post!  When it rains, it pours...true for work and 'real' life, I guess! Here's a little of what I've been up to this week:

1.  Big Day of Meetings:  On Saturday, my clients from LA came up for a visit and we were a wedding planning A-Team!  We met with Shawna Futagaki of Flower Divas, Kalani Germono for a hair and makeup trial, Gavin Farrington for a photography consultation, and then had a cupcake tasting and planning session at Frost Cupcake Factory in Downtown Campbell.  (Black Velvet = best cupcake ever!)  We got so much accomplished in the wedding-planning-department and had a ton of fun getting it done!  After a long day...I felt really great.  Confident, energized and's a nice feeling! One of my favorite engagement shots by Gavin.  Look at that light!

2.  Pinterest!  I am always on the look out for inspiration to add to my Pinterest boards...Pinterest is now pivotal to my job as a wedding planner, and I'm addicted personally as well.  This week, I have posted a ton of pictures w notes for several clients.  My boards serve as a reference when I am talking to vendors, brainstorming design ideas, and planning styled shoots.  Kaella and I LOVE Pinterest.  I'm planning on posting specifically on Pinterest later...but for now, check out my boards and follow me if you want!  I'll see you out there, pinners!  (Tidbit: I coordinated Ben Silbermann's wedding, one of the brilliant founders of Pinterest!  Learn more about Ben and Pinterest here!)

3.  Allure on the Inspired Guide on Engaged & Inspired!  Check out our listing...we are in great company!

Now...on to the Oscars!  If the cable guy makes it out in time to fix our dish...womp womp...