Pantone Color of the Year 2013 - Emerald!

My guess for Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year was a little off.  I was gunning for Mint (see Heidi Klum's gown here--it was the impotence for declaring my guess).  But I am not a betting woman, so I'm safe and I now pronounce my love for Mint's bolder sister...Emerald!  I'm fairly equal opportunity when it comes to color--I posted an Emerald Inspiration Board here back in June and I loved seeing the deep jewel tone paired with Mint, of all colors.  And back in May 2011, I professed my adoration for jewel tones on my pal Trisha Dean's wedding blog.

I love how romantic and regal Emerald is.  Deep, saturated colors like Emerald and Magenta and Amethyst look good on almost every skin tone and add a rich element to decor.   I would be delighted to see the shade in more weddings in 2013, and I'm sure I will now that it's the talk of the town!

Obviously, I lean more towards the shiny and sparkly hues of Emerald.  I think a flat teal can look a little dated.  I love the way Emerald sequins look--a fun cocktail hour look, for dresses or tables!  They just say "Party!".  And how gorgeous would that dress be on your bridesmaids?  Or maybe for New Years Eve?  I need to do some shopping...



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Emerald {Inspiration Board}

Hello! I hope everyone has had a productive, successful, and happy week as we move into some weekend R&R. Over at Wedding Row California we've been quite busy wrapping up photoshoots, curating gorgeous weddings, and of course lots of coffee dates with our favorite industry friends - sooo, I'm definitely ready for that rest & relaxation! PLUS, this weekend might just be shorts and maxi dress weather...two items of clothing that are typically pretty rare around these parts. Exciting stuff. Anyhow, lets get to gorgeous. Historically, I've been a neutral palette-type of gal with the occasional burst of bright color - however lately, I'm really loving some of these bolder statement hues. Good thing, because apparently this Fall calls for an abundance of bold, elegant jewel tones - which I'm more than ok with. My favorite in the jewel tone family is 'Emerald', he's regal, chic, dramatic, yet can also be romantic when paired with the right accents. I wanted to share some Emerald inspiration complemented with touches of lighter tones in peach, gold, and, mint. Such a great contrast of sweet meets drama.

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