Allure: 5th Week in Review

This week has been so busy; I feel like I barely have time to draft this post!  When it rains, it pours...true for work and 'real' life, I guess! Here's a little of what I've been up to this week:

1.  Big Day of Meetings:  On Saturday, my clients from LA came up for a visit and we were a wedding planning A-Team!  We met with Shawna Futagaki of Flower Divas, Kalani Germono for a hair and makeup trial, Gavin Farrington for a photography consultation, and then had a cupcake tasting and planning session at Frost Cupcake Factory in Downtown Campbell.  (Black Velvet = best cupcake ever!)  We got so much accomplished in the wedding-planning-department and had a ton of fun getting it done!  After a long day...I felt really great.  Confident, energized and's a nice feeling! One of my favorite engagement shots by Gavin.  Look at that light!

2.  Pinterest!  I am always on the look out for inspiration to add to my Pinterest boards...Pinterest is now pivotal to my job as a wedding planner, and I'm addicted personally as well.  This week, I have posted a ton of pictures w notes for several clients.  My boards serve as a reference when I am talking to vendors, brainstorming design ideas, and planning styled shoots.  Kaella and I LOVE Pinterest.  I'm planning on posting specifically on Pinterest later...but for now, check out my boards and follow me if you want!  I'll see you out there, pinners!  (Tidbit: I coordinated Ben Silbermann's wedding, one of the brilliant founders of Pinterest!  Learn more about Ben and Pinterest here!)

3.  Allure on the Inspired Guide on Engaged & Inspired!  Check out our listing...we are in great company!

Now...on to the Oscars!  If the cable guy makes it out in time to fix our dish...womp womp...



The Lab Event!

Hi Wednesday!  So last week was pretty huge.  I moved to San Jose, attended a fantastic social media workshop by Kara Kull of How Fab at Blu Bungalow Studio in SF, and Allure was part of the Library Collection at the fabulous wedding event, The Lab Event in Sonoma.  Kaella and I had been looking forward to this for months and it didn't disappoint!  Putting our binder (that Kaella worked so hard on!) on the shelf in the Library was a really proud moment for us.  The Lab Event was the baby of Allison SilberYasmin Zialcita Ali and Erin Taylor.  These three ladies got together and decided to throw a party for engaged couples to meet inspiring wedding vendors, taste awesome catering, and basically have a great time in a beautiful, to-the-nines, wine cellar (Cline). 

 I think I was as inspired as the giddy brides at this event.  Everything was just put together so well!  Seriously, the huge room was transformed and I wanted to live there!  I definitely want to throw a party there.  Or in my living room, but with some of the decor from the Lab!  Huge round balloons, playful paper pompoms, candlelit wine barrels, a surprise confetti blast, and lush floral designs on every surface...Kaella and I were in vintage-inspired heaven.

water colored runner by Aerialist Press

"groom's lounge" by Milkglass Vintage Rentals

the Library. (can you see our binder? pink bow.)

I met lots of amazing Bay Area vendors, and have many thank yous and emails to send out.  The biggest thank you goes to the ladies of The Lab Event.  I was really just so happy to be there, all thier hard work made for one amazing, succesful party.

Also, I'd like to shout out to Fox and Fawn Bakehouse.  I probably had 4 cupcakes last night (they were mini, but still...) and I LOVED them!  Delectable and vegan.  Vegan?  Yup.  I have to admit, I was surprised.  I'm not exactly on the vegan train...but I will seek out this bakery in the future.  For myself and my clients.  The cupcakes were so so so good! 

I was so happy to finally meet Meg Perotti and Edyta Szyszlo -- 2 amazing photographers that are both based close to my new home in the South Bay.  I also connected with Chelsea Tucker Butts of Off the Beaten Path and Laurel Anderson of Esla Events, 2 other event planners/designers I hope to collaborate with in the future.  Elizabeth Chang from Skyla Arts, a hair and makeup artist, shared a little table with Kaella and I and it was so fun connecting with her as well.  I was mentally putting together a "dream team" of vendors all night!

It was a wonderful night all around and I'm proud that Allure was a small part of it.  Our binder and more information will be on the Allure shelf at the Inspired Collective studio in Campbell this Friday.  I'm looking forward to an awesome year...this week was a great start to 2012!

ladies of Allure!

photos by Kaella via Instagram!



Allure in the Inspired Collective!

Hi Wednesday!  I am knee deep in the middle of moving this week and while I am sad to leave my beloved San Francisco, I am excited about our move to San Jose.  It will be a friendlier city for my two year old, and we will be living much closer to my husband's work, so it will be nice for our family.  I'm relocating both personally and professionally, so I have a lot on my plate right now, it's filled to the brim with exciting transitions!  I am ready to get Allure into the south bay fold while continuing to work in San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area.  My first big step in San Jose was getting Allure in the Inspired Collective at Engaged and Inspired.  Done and done!  I'm thrilled to be a part of Allison Silber's collective and I can't wait to get to know the other wedding vendors in it. (A short list of some of the other vendors is below).   Also, I'm so happy to announce that Allure has a new logo (created by the amazing Kaella--see her intro post our blog) and that we will be part of the library of vendors at The Lab Event in Sonoma on January 14.  I'm not even officially living in San Jose yet, but Allure is all over the place! Let's do this 2012!

Some of my Inspired Collective peers!  Encarnacion Photography Fox and Fawn Bakehouse Huckleberry Karen Designs Over the Moon Vintage Rentals Josephine Harmon Fine Makeup Artistry I can't wait to get to know everyone!