Wedding Vision Process: Inspired by Paris, Romance

Hi!  Today, I am thrilled to share a gorgeous inspiration board with you.  Stormy, romantic nights are evoked with this color scheme and feminine details are incorporated seamlessly to create a unique wedding vision.  My friend and day-of assistant, Jennifer Schleis, created this board in the process of planning her own wedding and she shares her story below.  How does a couple go from ideas to wedding vision reality?  Read on and find out how this couple did it!

Romantic French Charm

                I love color. I love bold, vibrant color so, naturally, when I began planning my wedding, which is taking place in October, I equated the season with rich oranges, velvety purples, and deep reds – until I found my wedding gown. Most people think the best way to begin putting together their wedding vision is to simply choose their colors, but I realized it was not until I found my dress that my vision truly came together.

My gown is Karena Royale, by Maggie Sottero and has a gold underlay with shimmering ivory lace laid over the top, finished with a perfect gold sash and rhinestone brooch. The moment I saw myself in the dress, I knew it was the one (much like I knew he was the one…) and in that moment, I knew I had to throw my color choices out the window. Gone were the bright and bold fall hues I love so much and in their place entered soft muted honey, sage, lavender, and peach. All of these colors spoke to me, and they all made perfect sense.

My next step was finding an amazing florist. Flowers certainly add color, but they also add structure, depth, and beauty to any event. I knew I wanted to incorporate succulents somehow, but I was open to almost every other option. My florist suggested peach garden roses, lavender calla lilies, quicksand roses, and (my new favorite) scabiosa pods. These perfectly round segmented taupe stems remind me of being a child, making wishes, and blowing the seeds from a dandelion. I was so intrigued because they are so delicate yet so structured. I am now excited and confident that my florals will not only be beautiful, but they will also be quite unique!

My fiancé and I will be honeymooning in France and what says, “Most romantic city in the world,” better than the colors of days gone by? After finding the dress it was as though my brain was begging to make the connection between these blush tones and this most venerable city.  Ivory lace and pale lavender say France, but I decided to take things a few steps further. October, France, wine, harvest – with these ideas in mind, I remembered some gorgeous candle hurricanes I had seen on a blog that were simply green wine bottles with the bottoms removed and a candle inside. I showed them to my father and he has since made me over fifty of them for our décor.

I also discovered the phrase, “L'amour est la clé de tout,” which means, “Love is the key to everything.” From that, skeleton keys and the boutique hotels of Paris inspired our escort cards and, in continuing to tie everything together, the fleur de lis, which makes an appearance on place cards, was also used in the form of a wax seal on the inner envelopes of our invitations.

We are just about two months away from our wedding day, and I am so pleased with the way everything is coming together. I cannot wait to see our vision become a reality in just a few short (albeit hectic!) weeks. I am looking forward to sharing the outcome with you all very soon!

-Jennifer Schleis, Bride

I can't wait to share Jennifer's future wedding pictures with you!  Jenn, thank you for sharing your inspiration board and story.  I know your wedding is going to be stunning and personal.  And that honeymoon...ooh lala...have the best time!!