Pantone Color of the Year 2013 - Emerald!

My guess for Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year was a little off.  I was gunning for Mint (see Heidi Klum's gown here--it was the impotence for declaring my guess).  But I am not a betting woman, so I'm safe and I now pronounce my love for Mint's bolder sister...Emerald!  I'm fairly equal opportunity when it comes to color--I posted an Emerald Inspiration Board here back in June and I loved seeing the deep jewel tone paired with Mint, of all colors.  And back in May 2011, I professed my adoration for jewel tones on my pal Trisha Dean's wedding blog.

I love how romantic and regal Emerald is.  Deep, saturated colors like Emerald and Magenta and Amethyst look good on almost every skin tone and add a rich element to decor.   I would be delighted to see the shade in more weddings in 2013, and I'm sure I will now that it's the talk of the town!

Obviously, I lean more towards the shiny and sparkly hues of Emerald.  I think a flat teal can look a little dated.  I love the way Emerald sequins look--a fun cocktail hour look, for dresses or tables!  They just say "Party!".  And how gorgeous would that dress be on your bridesmaids?  Or maybe for New Years Eve?  I need to do some shopping...



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