Mini Calla Lilies: My Favorite Bouquet Flower

Hi!  I'm busy prepping for weddings and getting ready for Unveiled at this year's Rengstorff House wedding expo.  Without a lot of time on my hands, I knew it would be easiest to draft a post today if I focused on something I love.  One of my 'favorites'.  Favorite songs, colors, vendors, flowers, dresses...pick a favorite and write something, Christy!  So I picked flowers.  My very favorite flower (specifically for wedding bouquets) is the mini calla  lily.  Below are some different variations.  The first two are from my wedding, and I did the bouquets myself!Mini Callas come in a wide spectrum of colors, and my favorites are the purples and plums.  I love how architectural they are, and how they naturally have a cool ombre effect.  While I like them in mixed bouquets, like the next image, I LOVE them bunched tightly by themselves.  They are colorful and modern and so so pretty! The color saturation of mini callas is stunning.  I love the peppy hot pink below, but I think the deep, dark plum makes a more memorable impression.  It would make a gorgeous boutonniere too--especially against a grey jacket! Hope you enjoyed one of my Favorites! Top two pics by Shaughn Photography.  Please click on the other pics to link to the original website