Golden Globe Fashion and Trends: Wedding Inspiration

It's award season time!  I love this part of blogging because it combines three of my favorite things: Hollywood, Glamour, Fashion!  And as a wedding planner, I look to the awards shows as a prediction of the year's fashion trends, many of which will translate into wedding decor and style (and into my closet).  Here is a little of what I thought of the 2013 Golden Globes:  Trends: 1. Black and White, either together, which I think we are going to see a TON of in 2013, or a solid shade of one or the other with few, if any, accessories.                                                                








Anne Hathaway, Tina Fey, Julianne Moore and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, among many others, kept it simple and classic with Black and/or White.  A lean in this direction for weddings will be a welcomed change, in my opinion, moving away from all of the rustic and vintage looks of the past couple years.

2. Barely Blush is another color trend for this year.  Youthful and gorgeous, it's definitely bridal in nature...a shade one away from stark white and very feminine.   Hayden Panettiere, Megan Fox, Amy Adams and Amanda Seyfriend all looked beautiful in the shade.  

















3. Another trend was Cutouts.  Nicole Kidman, Halle 'Ageless' Berry, Emily Blunt and Kristen Wiig all wore body-hugging dresses with peek-a-boo accents.  I think we will see modest cutouts more in bridal fashion this year--the back cutouts especially are youthful and fun.

4. Hair down and Loose. Hayden, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Sofia Vergara, Kate Hudson, and Kristen Wiig rocked loose, carefree 'dos this year and I was into it!  If you have great hair, why not just go 'as is'?  Or finesse it to look like you didn't fuss much with it.  Brides should feel comfortable and confident, and very much themselves, maybe a more casual hairstyle on your wedding day will be exactly what you need to achieve that.

5. Statement Shoulders were keeping things interesting at the Golden Globes and I think they will be seen on aisles this year too.  Daring and strong, they remind me of armor--rock and roll goddess armor.  Check out Michelle Dockery and Emily Deschanel below:  









The only look I saw that screamed 'Bridal!' to me was Julianne Hough's Monique Lhuillier gown.  It was the shape of the gown that did it though, not necessarily the color or embellishments.  I love the entire edgy look, head to toe.  It looks like she walked through a sprinkling of gold glitter when she got out of her limo.  What's not to love about that?

My very favorite look of the evening  was actually Julianne Hough.  That's why she got a full-size picture in this post!  The more I look at that dress, the more I adore it.  And I loved Tina Fey's old Hollywood, Jessica Rabbit hair.  So she is a close second.

Well, this was fun!  Be sure to check back in after the Oscars!




All images from Huffington Post Style