Bohemian. Gypsy. Hippie. Wedding style from BHLDN

  Hi Wednesday!  I just booked a wedding for this October at Camp Lotus.  It will be my first campground wedding and my first wedding with a true bohemian style to it.  The bride is currently searching for the perfect hippie chic dress and will be collecting bright jewel toned vases and blankets for the next 5 months to adorn picnic tables and hay bales.  I am beyond excited!  And I need to look into a cabin or inn in the town, because while I am loving the idea of a camp wedding...I am not exactly a sleep-in-a-tent kind of wedding planner.  Don't worry, they knew this and they still hired me.

So...I told the bride that I would send her some pics of cool dresses to consider.  I knew the first place I would look--BHLDN by Anthropologie.  I think the BHLDN dresses have that certain something for the fashion forward, slightly funky, accessory-loving bride.  Below are some of my favorites.  Imagine them with boots, beaded headbands across the forehead, and draped with necklaces.  Ooh!  And maybe a crochet shrug!  For a bride with this kind of style, I might just sleep in a tent.



The beauty here is in the ability to individualize each dress, I think.  Accessories needed.







The post is the perfect follow up to Kaella's inspiration board last week!  View it here!









This last one--in nude--is my favorite.  So pretty!






ps.  I am not a sponsor of BHLDN.  I just really like the dresses, especially for the bride I am mentioning in the post!