Allure Wedding: Buddhist, Local, Organic

My first wedding of September was at Hidden Villa in the Los Altos Hills.  The non profit organic working farm hosts hikers, campers, and nature lovers from near and far...and Labor Day Weekend, they hosted numerous private events including the wedding of my clients, Lesli and Bruce.

The menu from Feel Good Foods of Santa Cruz was all organic, local and vegetarian; with a vegan buffet additionally.  The flowers all came directly from gorgeous Hidden Villa gardens.  Much of the decor, and all of the chalkboards, were borrowed from Hidden Villa staffers and residents.  And the delicious pies were made with fruit grown on property.  My clients placed a high priority on the sustainability of their wedding and insisted that as much as possible be local, borrowed, recycled, and re-used. You can't get much more local and fresh than pies baked morning of with fruit right from the garden!

The Buddhist ceremony was beautiful and intimate, with treasured items from the couple  and their guests lining the altar.  The vegetarian dinner was served al fresco and over a dozen guests toasted Lesli and Bruce at their sweetheart table as dinner commenced...a delightful and heartfelt display that wasn't on my wedding timeline.  It was one of many special impromptu moments that took the couple by surprise and made this wedding one of the most touching events I have ever planned.  It was an honor to work with this beautiful Allure couple to share their love for each other and feel the love their guests had for them.



Pictures taken from my iPhone Instagram.