Allure Couple: Reyna and Jaime

Hi!  I want to introduce you to one of my beautiful September couples, Reyna and Jaime.  Their wedding is in a little over a month and I'm so looking forward to coordinating the day as their friends and family celebrate them!  Reyna and Jaime have known each other for over ten years, meeting in junior high.  First kiss, first love!  For this young couple, it's about time!

In Reyna's words: "Jaime and I met when I was 12 (8th grade) and he was 14 (9th grade). After I graduated middle school, my parents decided to put me in the school that all my cousins went to, Silver Creek. My mom sent me to summer school there so I could start meeting people and to get me more comfortable. Jaime was also going to summer school so we became close friends. The following year Jaime was in my Quinceañera with one of my cousins. I still wasn’t allowed to talk to boys, but my mom allowed me to talk to the ones in my quinceañera because we practiced 3 times a week.  I would talk to Jaime for hours and hours and we because really close. After the big party (September 22nd, 2001), Jaime confessed to me that he liked me and gave me my first kiss the beginning of October. We started dating and the following year he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. But we were really young so it only lasted a few months. We remained friends for the next few years until he asked me out again in 2005. We have been together ever since!

I always told Jaime that I thought it was too obvious when people proposed on special days like Valentine’s Day or Christmas. On my birthday, September 23rd 2011, he had the entire day planned for us. He drove me to Santa Cruz and we arrived before the sunset. He had taken a picnic basket and a quilt on the beach for us. He had thought of everything, sandwiches, drinks, cake, cookies, napkins plates even tapatio for the chips (my favorite!)… the whole thing. So we sat and we ate together, and watched the sun set. Then he sang happy birthday to me as I blew out the candles. After the picnic, Jaime asked me to take a walk with him. It was already really dark, but when we paused on the beach, I was able to make out the words “Will you marry me?” written on the sand. My first thought was that someone had proposed there so I turned to tell Jaime to look and he was on his knee holding a ring. He asked me to please be his wife and I just cried and cried and hugged him. I couldn’t even answer him I was in such shock. I said yes and looked at the writing. I then saw that it said “Reyna, will you marry me?”. It was beautiful. He told me he chose to do it on my birthday so it would be a surprise.  It was!

We are now getting married a year and 6 days later. I come from a very traditional family so it is very exciting to be marrying him the “right” way. We have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while but we have not lived together. We look forward to experiencing this life change together. Can’t wait for September 29th!"

Engagement Pictures by Elo Photography