Allure: 9th Week in Review

Hi!  I'm a little late to the party this week because I have been under the weather.  But we were busy as usual at Allure! 1.  Styled Shoot!  We produced our first styled shoot and I am so excited to share the pictures and details with you!  As soon as I can, I will post about the theme and ideas, plus the amazing team of vendors that we collaborated with.

2.  New Clients!  I sent out revised contracts to two couples this week and I was thrilled to get contracts back in the mail days later.  I love the feeling of sealing the deal, so to speak. I am a work-from-home-mom and each new client represents a new adventure for 2012--one that allows me the space to be a professional and an expert in my field.  And not 'just' a mom.*

3.  Taxes!  This is the boring, tedious, and often frustrating part of being an independent contractor.  It's not all glamorous, people!  Keeping records and accounts and copies is definitely not the most fun part of this job, but it's  a necessary evil.  Our office/guestroom doesn't always look at chic and organized as I want it to, but work is being done!  And it's not always pretty!  I will be happy on April 16.

Until next week...



* I totally understand that being a mom is hard work, 'stay at home' or not!  Trust me!