Allure: 3rd Week in Review

Another week down!  I felt so productive this last week, and then I look at my current to-do list and everything that was crossed off was immediately replaced by another item!  Like pushing a rock up a hill, this momtrepreneurship thing, I tell ya!  But I love it.  The mom part, the business part... I feel very grateful to be living the dream!  Now if only I got paid for the laundry and dishes... I'm getting off track.  This week in review...Allure!  That's what I'm supposed to be writing about!  Allure!  We were busy bees, as usual.  Here are the highlights:

1.  Invitations.  I am on the hunt for the perfect invitations for my clients K and AJ.  We are working with a modest (normal) budget and the colors are sage green and white/cream.  The ordered the cutest save-the-dates, and now I want to find them a more elegant but still unique invitation suite that incorporates their color scheme, and trees or birds in someway.  Maybe a nest?  Too 'baby'?  I'll know it when I see it.  I've probably logged three hours already on this adventure and I won't stop til I find a couple great options for my great couple! 2.  Kalani Germono.  I needed an amazing hair and makeup stylist for a client and I found a gem.  Kalani Germono.  She has a name I'll always remember!  Anyway, talking to Kalani on the phone makes you want to be her best friend.  Her yelp reviews are incredible, her work is to-die, and her prices are ridiculous.  Don't tell her I said that last part.  Ridiculous in good way.  I mean, I'm scheduling myself an updo just for kicks because I want to look fabulous for a day and CAN!  Hair and Makeup always surprises my brides--it's more expensive than they would guess and often, it's cost-prohibitive.  I get it, I understand why, but it's also so refreshing to know that some people are doing great work and aren't charging so much for it that I can't pass them on to my brides.  My glowing referral of Kalani to my client landed her a trial run for hair and makeup!  I couldn't be more excited to have connected with Kalani and I am so confident my bride will like her too, which is a great feeling.

3.  Wedding Wire.  Allure is officially open for business on  Notice the bottom of our right-hand column on this very blog...a link to our vendor endorsements on!  What do you think?  Too much for a sidebar?  Let me know, I need opinions before I hound Kaella for one and present myself in an authoritative light!  Just kidding, she knows I need her design eye...Kaella, what do you think? Anyway...being on WeddingWire is very exciting.  Allure is now represented on all of these wedding search engines:,,,,   It's a place for reviews, endorsements, pictures and our VIDEO!  This video is a promo I shot with my friend Martin Rosetti, of Fill in the Blank Media, a few months ago.  It will be on the Allure website soon, but is up on my WeddingWire profile now!  Work your magic, WeddingWire!