Allure: 18th and 19th Weeks in Review

Well, wedding season is officially in full swing and I am one busy working mama!  In the last two weeks, I have been primarily working on my June and July weddings.  I also took a nice family trip to the East Coast for a graduation and a reunion, so I had my work cut out for me upon my return.  Traveling with a toddler adventure.  While I felt like I needed a vacation after my vacation, I had to jump right back in to work once we got back.  I've been booking baby-sitters and locking myself in the office everyday and I'm getting really excited about the weddings coming up soon! Btw...did you see Abigail's post last week?  Great Gatsby wedding inspiration--swoon!  Here we go!

1.  Marin Art and Garden Center.  I love this venue!  When I'm there, I'm struck by the natural, yet manicured beauty and I am so impressed by the well-oiled-machine wedding operation they have going on.  It's seriously a North Bay gem tucked away in Ross.  I'm thrilled to be working there in June and I am hoping for more weddings there in 2013!  Also, Insalata's is catering--yum!

2.  Coffee Shop Workaholic.  Since I don't have a dedicated office space to meet clients, I work at a lot of Bay Area Coffee shops.  In the past two weeks, I have spent countless hours out and about.  And in the next two weeks, I have three meetings planned and probably another dozen or so hours of just computer work...all at local coffee shops.  A girl has to get out of the house sometimes!  Here's where I've been:  Philz on Van Ness in SF (great, library-like workspace).  Orchard Valley in downtown Campbell (I always get a Thai iced tea here for some reason). Peets on the Alameda in Santa Clara (lots of room and they play nice, soft music).  Bravado Cafe in SOMA, SF (I love the modern look, comfy seats and the iced coffee was STRONG).  And literally 6 different Starbucks between Los Gatos and Oakland (My home base is Curtner and Leigh in San Jose.  I can walk there.  But I usually don't...).

3.  Balance.  As you know, I am a full time mom.  And a wedding planner running the Allure show on my own out here in the Bay Area.  The owner of Allure, Michelle Martinez, is a mom too and I learned a lot about how to balance having a business and being a mom (among the hundred other roles we play) from her, especially in the early days of my wedding planning career.  I would watch Michelle literally juggle her baby, her cell phone, and her laptop, all to happily take care of her family, her clients, her business, and herself!  I find myself doing the exact same thing now.  I am proud of myself for getting this far, and as I get busier with wedding work everyday, I have to get better at balancing it all.  I get overwhelmed, sure.  There are days when I feel like I am doing a thousand things and I wonder if I am doing any of them well.  I think this is only natural.  At the end of the day, I put Joey to bed and head back to the computer for a couple more hours of work, and I feel...good.  Good about the amazing and inspiring and exhausting time I get to spend with my son, good about the strong relationship I have with my husband who works so hard for us all, and good about the job I am doing for my clients.  I truly love this life.

Ha!  Now I'm all emotional.  Ok, so since I am getting really SUPER busy, the blogging might be more sporadic.  I hope you understand and I'll do my best to keep up!