Allure: 14th and 15th Week in Review

Happy Mother's Day!  I am celebrating today with my two-year-old son Joey and I'm writing this as we sit on the couch sharing coffee (chocolate milk) out of my brand spanking new World's Best Mommy mug.  It's the little things, people! On to the week's review!  2 weeks, actually.  Last week I didn't post a Review because I was enjoying a mini vacation in Santa Cruz to ring in my 30th and my husband's 40th.  But a lot of wedding work has happened in the last two hasn't all been fun and games!  Here's a peek into the Allure world, what I've been up to and what has been making an impact in this awesome industry:

1.  Obama supports same sex marriage!  Here is my post from Wednesday, with links to the articles I read, and the historic interview video.  This monumental announcement gets double time on the Allure blog.  I know President Obama's official support will mean more weddings, equality and acceptance.  I'm looking forward to a greater shift in this direction and I'm feeling proud and optimistic!

2.  The Power of Pinterest.  I posted about the Sprinkle Wedding Cake that has been making the rounds on Pinterest and to my surprise, that post is my most popular blog post yet!  Pinterest is changing the social media scene at a crazy rate.  More and more brides are pinning away and the site is connecting vendors from all over the world.  The Sprinkle Cake, for example, was made by Birchgrove Bakery in Vermont and it is inspiring brides, moms and bakers EVERYWHERE...the picture is spreading like wild fire!  So, while I have been on the Pinterest train for a while now, I am realizing that I need to focus even more of my social marketing energy on the site.  If you aren't already following me on Pinterest, please do!

3.  Kaella--my illustrious assistant, guest blogger and partner in crime.  Kaella Wilson has finished her Wedding Planning Certification course!  This 5 month program has been keeping Kaella's plate full as she continued to grow her own business, Kaella Lynn Events, and post beautiful Inspiration Boards for this blog as a guest contributor.  Since Kaella and I met last summer, we have been working side by side--I shared experience and knowledge as a wedding planner, and Kaella helped me with branding and social marketing.  She assisted me on wedding days, we partnered up on a styled shoot, and we enjoyed industry events together representing Allure.  Now, since the certification course is over, Kaella will be focused on her own business and we'll continue to collaborate and support each other.  I'm proud of Kaella for completing the course (with flying colors, no doubt) and I'm excited about what's to come!

4.  Iliana Morton, Photographer.  I met Iliana this week to welcome her to the Bay Area and get to know her a little.  She just moved here from San Diego and having moved recently myself, I know how daunting the task of networking in a new place can be.  I was happy to meet Iliana and I hope we can work together this year, or next!

5.  The Dress Right Now.  Remember that time I said I need to focus more on Pinterest and it's impact on social marketing for Allure...well, this week offered a great opportunity!  Kate Middleton wowed the world again in a stunning dress.  This time, it was a vibrant teal number by Jenny Packham.  It fit her like a dream, the delicate lace back...gorgeous.  Kate continues to secure her position as fashion icon.  I pinned this dress as soon as I saw it on Pinterest.  It's blowing up!  I think a dress like this in ivory would be a perfect wedding dress, but I LOVE it in teal for brides too! 

Well, that's it for this Review!  I have lots of work to do this upcoming week--proposals for 2013 (yikes!), and floor plans for my June and July weddings.  Time flies!