A New Friend

Hi!  I hope you all had a delightful Valentine's Day!  I want to take today's blog to introduce you to a new friend of mine.  I met Lauren Cohn Frankel just a few days ago and I'm so happy I did!  Lauren emailed me several weeks ago after finding my name on Bernadette Smith's blog post listing graduates of her Gay Wedding Certification Course.  I was excited to hear from Lauren--she reached out exactly when I needed someone to!  Making sure Allure is a wedding vendor for the LGBTQ community is so important to me, but sometimes it feels like I'm treading water uphill.  Or something.Anyway...Lauren is an awesome photographer.  I love her style--I think she's refreshing, and I love her storytelling.  Lauren's pictures are edgy and honest, but feel immediatley genuine and they're just so beautiful.  I really like Lauren.  I like how she presents herself, I like where she stands and I like that she reached out.  And her pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!