Pantone Color of the Year 2013 - Emerald!

My guess for Pantone's 2013 Color of the Year was a little off.  I was gunning for Mint (see Heidi Klum's gown here--it was the impotence for declaring my guess).  But I am not a betting woman, so I'm safe and I now pronounce my love for Mint's bolder sister...Emerald!  I'm fairly equal opportunity when it comes to color--I posted an Emerald Inspiration Board here back in June and I loved seeing the deep jewel tone paired with Mint, of all colors.  And back in May 2011, I professed my adoration for jewel tones on my pal Trisha Dean's wedding blog.

I love how romantic and regal Emerald is.  Deep, saturated colors like Emerald and Magenta and Amethyst look good on almost every skin tone and add a rich element to decor.   I would be delighted to see the shade in more weddings in 2013, and I'm sure I will now that it's the talk of the town!

Obviously, I lean more towards the shiny and sparkly hues of Emerald.  I think a flat teal can look a little dated.  I love the way Emerald sequins look--a fun cocktail hour look, for dresses or tables!  They just say "Party!".  And how gorgeous would that dress be on your bridesmaids?  Or maybe for New Years Eve?  I need to do some shopping...



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The Perfect Shoe {Inspiration Board}

The perfect shoe...who doesn't dream of a closet full. One element of a wedding that can really say a lot about a bride's personality and the style of affair, are her shoes. A cute flat says "casual", a wedge is ideal for the outdoor celebration, a little sparkle and shine adds the perfect touch of drama, and serious detailing is a must for those short dresses. A bride's shoes have reached a point well beyond the days of dying satin pumps - these days, the shoes are part of the show. They add another layer of personality, uniqueness, and thought put into every. last. detail. Take a peak at some of the beauties below, I promise, there's a something for everyone...

Vince Camuto | BHLDN | Chloe | Something Bleu | Rent The RunwayDiane Von Furestenburg | ASOS | H&M | Blue Pump | Miu Miu | Alice and Olivia | Manolo Blahnik | J. Crew

Wedding Vision Process: Inspired by Paris, Romance

Hi!  Today, I am thrilled to share a gorgeous inspiration board with you.  Stormy, romantic nights are evoked with this color scheme and feminine details are incorporated seamlessly to create a unique wedding vision.  My friend and day-of assistant, Jennifer Schleis, created this board in the process of planning her own wedding and she shares her story below.  How does a couple go from ideas to wedding vision reality?  Read on and find out how this couple did it!

Romantic French Charm

                I love color. I love bold, vibrant color so, naturally, when I began planning my wedding, which is taking place in October, I equated the season with rich oranges, velvety purples, and deep reds – until I found my wedding gown. Most people think the best way to begin putting together their wedding vision is to simply choose their colors, but I realized it was not until I found my dress that my vision truly came together.

My gown is Karena Royale, by Maggie Sottero and has a gold underlay with shimmering ivory lace laid over the top, finished with a perfect gold sash and rhinestone brooch. The moment I saw myself in the dress, I knew it was the one (much like I knew he was the one…) and in that moment, I knew I had to throw my color choices out the window. Gone were the bright and bold fall hues I love so much and in their place entered soft muted honey, sage, lavender, and peach. All of these colors spoke to me, and they all made perfect sense.

My next step was finding an amazing florist. Flowers certainly add color, but they also add structure, depth, and beauty to any event. I knew I wanted to incorporate succulents somehow, but I was open to almost every other option. My florist suggested peach garden roses, lavender calla lilies, quicksand roses, and (my new favorite) scabiosa pods. These perfectly round segmented taupe stems remind me of being a child, making wishes, and blowing the seeds from a dandelion. I was so intrigued because they are so delicate yet so structured. I am now excited and confident that my florals will not only be beautiful, but they will also be quite unique!

My fiancé and I will be honeymooning in France and what says, “Most romantic city in the world,” better than the colors of days gone by? After finding the dress it was as though my brain was begging to make the connection between these blush tones and this most venerable city.  Ivory lace and pale lavender say France, but I decided to take things a few steps further. October, France, wine, harvest – with these ideas in mind, I remembered some gorgeous candle hurricanes I had seen on a blog that were simply green wine bottles with the bottoms removed and a candle inside. I showed them to my father and he has since made me over fifty of them for our décor.

I also discovered the phrase, “L'amour est la clé de tout,” which means, “Love is the key to everything.” From that, skeleton keys and the boutique hotels of Paris inspired our escort cards and, in continuing to tie everything together, the fleur de lis, which makes an appearance on place cards, was also used in the form of a wax seal on the inner envelopes of our invitations.

We are just about two months away from our wedding day, and I am so pleased with the way everything is coming together. I cannot wait to see our vision become a reality in just a few short (albeit hectic!) weeks. I am looking forward to sharing the outcome with you all very soon!

-Jennifer Schleis, Bride

I can't wait to share Jennifer's future wedding pictures with you!  Jenn, thank you for sharing your inspiration board and story.  I know your wedding is going to be stunning and personal.  And that honeymoon...ooh lala...have the best time!!







Blue Lace {Inspiration Board}

Blue lace is a gorgeous new addition to the fall fashion line up. Its popping up everywhere, in lovely variations of blue and in so many different styles. The one thing that doesn't change, is the regal, sophistication blue and lace combined, create. I wanted to share a gorgeous interpretation of how to pull blue lace into your wedding day or any event for that matter. A neutral, classic palette, feminine patterns, and pops of gold - equal perfection for this look!

Cake | Blue Lace Dress | Gold Teacup | Blue Earrings | Light Fixture

Maroon and Pink {Inspiration Board}

Maroon is officially the "it" color for Fall and I just CAN NOT wait! So much so, that I wanted to interpret Fall's favorite color into a wedding. Maroon is so many things, bold, vivacious, romantic, classic, and even rustic. Pair with it what you will, because so many different style variations and moods can come out of this versatile color. I'm loving a romantic maroon, teamed up with soft pinks, feminine touches, and texture - such a gorgeous combo for a Fall or even winter wedding. How do you interpret your maroon?

Fans | Chair | Dress | Macaroons | Wallpaper | Mens Suit

The Perfect Photo Opp {Inspiration Board}

I have been seeing some absolutely, amazingly gorgeous, perfect "photo opps" lately, and I thought it only fair to share some of my favorites. When thinking about your wedding, photography is one of the key ingredients. Not only do you need to choose the right photographer for your personality and your day, but you need to have a tentative photography plan outlined. Think about when and where those perfect photo opp moments might take place. You can never re-create someone else's, but you can pull inspiration from a gorgeous photo to discover your very own moment. Take a peak at few I found to be pretty stunning.

Bridesmaids | Bride/Groom on Floor | Bride/Groom Against Brick Wall | Balloon Save The Date | Bride/Bridesmaids | Bride/Groom on Dock | Flower Girl | Bride/Groom Confetti | Bride/Groom on Blanket | Bride/Groom in SF | Shoes

Stripes {Inspiration Board}

Stripes are one of my all time favorites. I love a good stripe pattern, it has the tendency to class up anything with it's regal nature and touch of boldness. I've been in Charleston, SC for the past week, so bright pops of pink, orange, and green are still in full swing around here. I wanted to pair my love for the stripe with the gorgeousness of these vibrant colors - enjoy!

 Invitations | How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You | Cake |  Flower Centerpiece | Bouquet | Stripped Dress | & Sign

A Winter Romance {Inspiration Board}

This is for all you winter brides right in the thick of it. A little slice of soft pinks, greys, metallics, and crystal gorgeousness. I wanted to change it up just a little and dive into the romance of winter. Just a little nudge of style for all those upcoming December/January nuptials. I've always thought of a winter wedding, with the possibilites of snow, ethereal styling, and touches of glamour, as being the ultimate fairy tale.

Twigs and Honey Hairpiece | Dress/Flower | Table Setting | Bride | Flower Centerpiece | Necklace | Dessert | Cocktails | Crystal Hairpiece | Sugar Sticks | Bride | Blue Chair | Shoes | Bouquet | Cake 

Red {Inspiration Board}

Today's post is a little different than most, normally I have a concept or single thought around what I'm going to create before going into it. Today, I got stuck on "red". I got stuck on an image that portrayed the gorgeousness that red can be, without the connotation of Valentines Days, Christmas, or any other holiday. I got stuck on the fact that I really do love red, and how gorgeous a red-inspired palette can be away from all the cliches. So today, there's no concept, simply the gorgeousness of pure red in it's many and varied, sassy, romantic, fiery, and classic styles. More red, here, here, and here.

Red Balloons | Rasberries | Picnic Basket | Tablescape | Chair | Girl/Car | Car | Girl w/ Red Hair | Cake | Girl w/ Flannel





A Whisper of Color {Inspiration Board}

This gorgeous array of inspiration originally came to me two ways 1) the romantic floral arrangement positioned front and center 2) "a whisper of color", a beautiful phrase that just captured me the other day. These two lovely creations worked together so nicely to style an understated romance with just "a whisper of color" through out. I threw in a pop of pink from the bridesmaid dresses to bring the look to life. I have another stunner here, that exemplifies the perfect combination of understated romance and absolutely chic details.

Earrings | Guest Favors | Arm Chair | Pink Bridesmaid Dresses | Floral Arrangement | Pink Lace Dress | Shoes | Cake

Blue Suede Shoes {Inspiration Board}

This week's dose of pretty came to me the other day while purchasing an AMAZING pair of Jeffery Campbell strappy sling-backs of royal blue suede and blush leather. I loved the shoes, but first thought to myself "Do I dare?" "How do I wear these?" "What are my color pairing possibilities?" I purchased anyway, and after much rummaging through my closet I grew to love a blush and gold combo, pop of pink, and my new blue suede shoes. I tell you this long-winded story of how I came to feel inspired by a certain palette option, because one of my very favorite notions is "find inspiration in the most unassuming places". To be quite honest, as a wedding blogger, its something I live by everyday. Taking my dogs for a walk, waiting in line for a salad, parallel parking (...I live in SF), or even grocery shopping (gorgeous Cali produce is a perfect stimulus ). The point is, while taking in all the obvious and beautiful wedding inspiration inundating us everyday online, always be on the look out for that not-so-obvious muse. Then turn to all those amazing wedding blogs ( Wedding Row California) to help you apply that found inspiration into real ideas. Happy hunting, xo.

 Chandelier | Gold JacketBlue Embroidered Dress | Pink Flowers | Blush Dress | Blush Fan | Cake | Blue Shoes | Pink Tulle Dress | Cream and Gold Dress | Pink Table Setting

Confetti {Inspiration Board}

CONFETTI!! That word, especially with a few exclamation marks makes me very happy. It gives you the immediate feeling of celebration and joy. Confetti is popping up all over the place, and not only in the truest sense of what "confetti" is, but in the designs of fashion, decor, stationery, and even food. Incorporating confetti into a bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, and EVEN your wedding, just screams fun. Plus, the addition of confetti makes for some AH-mazing photo opps - trust me on this one. So take a peak below, and peruse some gorgeous confetti and confetti-inspired designs that are applied in the most unassuming ways. I also have a swoon-worthy wedding with a little whimsey, some purple tulips, paper airplanes, and of course confetti...right here!

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A Sparkly Ending {Inspiration Board}

I hope everyone had a really wonderful 4th of July this past Wednesday! We took full advantage of that mid-week break over at Wedding Row California. Fun in the sun, good friends, family, delish food, and lots of crazy sparkle at the end of the evening. As a tribute to this recent and glorious summer holiday, I wanted to remind you of how gorgeous a sparkly end to your nuptials can be. Sparklers have been a pretty popular "exit" trend for awhile now and certainly never disappoint with amazing photo opps. Get a little creative with your the way you package them for guests, how you use them in images, or even how to mix them into the decor. They're a temporary touch of drama, but create the most beautiful of sparkly endings...and what girl doesn't love that? Take a peak at this sparkly exit from an intimate wine country wedding.

Gold Trimmed Sparklers | Couple #1 | Yellow Tagged Sparklers | Sparklers in Vases | Couple #2 | Red Tagged Sparklers

Bows {Inspiration Board}

Bows, Bows everywhere and I love it! Bows are a big trend this year and they're showing up in the most creative ways, from hairstyles crafted into actual bows, to the simple and classic bow tie, to gorgeous bow-adorned gowns - any occasion could certainly benefit from a beautiful bow. They seem to be something that will always be a classic use of embellishment, a trend that will come and go in various styles, but definitely never leaves us for good. What do you think about the lovely bow? Classic, trendy, chic, girly? Take a peak at these uber adorable bow-tie clad mini bridal attendants. Too much!!

Placesetting | Clutch | Couple | Stationery | Bow Tie | Shoes | Bow/Braid | Gown

Color Blocking {Inspiration Board}

Summer is officially here! Very hard to contain my excitement, I'm a big fan of the change in seasons, it always offers a fresh perspective for the coming months. Whether it be personal goals, new adventures, a new wardrobe, or just the feeling of "new" 4 times a year - it's a simple thing in life that makes me happy. Since we're officially in the summer solstice, I wanted to brighten up your day with inspiration around one of my favorite new design trends - color blocking. Color blocking can be applied to just about anything in the design world - fashion, home decor, stationery, jewelry - so why not in a modern soiree as well? What a current style to outfit your bridesmaids in or design stationery after? Go with a more subtle approach through your accessories or the floral design you choose - but either way its a lively, bold, and stylish statement on your big day. Enjoy these gorgeous hues and your first weekend of summer!

For some more summer wedding inspiration, take a peak here and here.

Stationery | Bride/BridesmaidsEggs | Building | Girl w/ CameraPink/White Dress | Bracelets

Emerald {Inspiration Board}

Hello! I hope everyone has had a productive, successful, and happy week as we move into some weekend R&R. Over at Wedding Row California we've been quite busy wrapping up photoshoots, curating gorgeous weddings, and of course lots of coffee dates with our favorite industry friends - sooo, I'm definitely ready for that rest & relaxation! PLUS, this weekend might just be shorts and maxi dress weather...two items of clothing that are typically pretty rare around these parts. Exciting stuff. Anyhow, lets get to gorgeous. Historically, I've been a neutral palette-type of gal with the occasional burst of bright color - however lately, I'm really loving some of these bolder statement hues. Good thing, because apparently this Fall calls for an abundance of bold, elegant jewel tones - which I'm more than ok with. My favorite in the jewel tone family is 'Emerald', he's regal, chic, dramatic, yet can also be romantic when paired with the right accents. I wanted to share some Emerald inspiration complemented with touches of lighter tones in peach, gold, and, mint. Such a great contrast of sweet meets drama.

 Emerald/Gold Dress | Invitation | Mint Dress | Tablescape | Emerald Shoes | PatternRing


Preppy, Nautical, Classic Wedding Inspiration

Hi Wednesday! I want to share my Pinterest board for a bride I am working with on design and planning.  J and I are in the process of collecting inspiration for her fall wedding.  It's at a yacht club in San Francisco and I am so excited about the bright, crisp pallet we are working with!  Think royal blue, aqua, and bright coral and pink...

I think one of the easiest ways to elevate and personalize an event is through linens.  I love mixing patterns and fabrics to create the base of the design for a wedding.  Everything else is on top of the linens, literally.  I'm not afraid to pair bold and subtle, bright and neutral, and of course, the weight and feel of the linen is almost as important as the color and pattern.  The possibilities are endless!  I have a meeting with J at LaTavola in San Francisco next week so we can make decisions.  LaTavola is my favorite rental company for linens, they have an amazing selection and I want to live in their gorgeous SF studio!  We'll head in thinking clean lines, preppy patterns, and bold color combos.  And hopefully, we'll leave with a plan, an order, and a realized wedding vision!   

swatches by La Tavola





Great Gatsby {Inspiration Board}

Hi friends and yay for Friday! Things are definitely in full swing around here in the wonderful world of weddings and we couldn't be more thrilled to start seeing sneak peaks of our couple's big days. Over at Wedding Row California, we just published a gorgeous wedding planned by your very own Christy Daly - make sure to check it out here. I wanted to share with you today a hot topic in the industry right There's so many ways gold is being incorporated into everything - fashion, events, home decor, chevon, polk-a-dots, color blocking. You name it and gold works. Although gold is a very fresh look in fashion and design right now, I still find it to always have vintage notes. This takes me to today's inspiration board - a soft spot in my heart for the 1920's era and the sassy look of the Great Gatsby style. I wanted to infuse some modern gold trends, with a touch of that Great Gatsby glamour. Possible bridal shower inspiration? So chic.

For some more sparkly inspiration, look no further.

Purse | DressesVaseHair PieceStationery | Great Gatsby

All White Wedding {Inspiration Board}

Hello! Well, today is my first guest post on the Allure Blog and I couldn't be more excited. I adore Christy and her team - so passionate, creative-minded, and just incredibly refreshing. For those who don't know - my name is Abigail Rutkowski, Co-Editor of Wedding Row California. We're the newest extension of The Wedding Row Network, a growing collection of regional wedding blogs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, and Smitten Magazine. Christy did a fantastic job of introducing me last week, you can check it out here. So my goal as Allure's guest blogger is to bring some of the pretty and peak inspiration for the modern couple's big day. Keep checking back every Friday, I have some gorgeous things planned for you!

Today is an ode to the "white after Memorial Day" rule. Its a bit of a tribute to the age old tradition of not wearing white until after Memorial Day and certainly not after Labor Day. We all know this is a super square way of thinking (honestly, I've been wearing my white jeans for two months now), but its official, you can break out your summer whites! So from this, I found inspiration in creating an all white wedding board that could stand up against the brightest of soirees. When I hear "summer whites", I think refreshing, clean, light, airy - all of which provided a style direction for today's wedding through the baby's breath, flowing fabrics, and natural elements. Add a touch of whimsy and you're all set for a perfect summer white wedding.

If you're loving the all wedding wedding style, you can check out another one here.

 Stationery | TentBaby's Breath Bouquet | CakeQuote | Groom

Turquoise and Peach Wedding Inspiration

I just love the color turquoise.  Its such a moody shade of blue.  It can be feminine, bold, beachy, whimsical or modern depending on the colors it's paired with and how it's applied.  I've decided to provide some whimsical and feminine turquoise inspiration by coordinating this shade with a girly hue of peach. Top:  Bridesmaid & Bouquet, Cake, Centerpiece

Middle: Car, China

Bottom: Heels, Necklace, Frame

Joie de Vivre!