Preppy Picnic Inspiration Board

Christy and I are working on a fun project over the next couple of months, and I've been gathering inspiration to come up with the overall design concept.  So here's a sneak peak of what's to come!  It's all the way preppy, bright and gingham.  Can you guess what we are working on?


Top: Stationary, Floral

Middle: Cake, Fabric

Bottom: Croquet, Picnic, Suit



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This one's for the boys!

Hello Wednesday!  I am excited to introduce the very first of our 'Vendor Love' installations here on the blog.  Occasionally, when we are working with a particularly awesome vendor and we want to tell you all about said vendor, we will here on the Allure blog!  We have so many fellow industry pals and sharing the love is important, so here we go! I have an ongoing list of fabulous photographers, designers, florists, venues, artists, get the point....all wedding vendors that I could start showering with love and blog affection here in the first post.  Instead, I am going to get the ball rolling with the oft-neglected needs of the GROOM.  Oh yes, I know you are out there, gentlemen.  You may not be reading this blog, but I hope to get you!  For now, dear readers, pass it on, will you?

I would like to introduce Georges' Creations.  You want a suit?  Here's how it works:  A tailor comes to you--your house, your office, or you can meet at the SF City Club, or in a suite near Santana Row in San Jose.  Remember, this is an experience.  Bring your best man.  Bring some cognac.  Bring your wedding planner.  This is the bespoke tailoring experience perfected.  The tailor, expertly trained in France, takes precise measurements as an advisor discusses style, color and fabric with you.  Decisions are made.  High fives are exchanged.  The suit (and we are talking the WHOLE suit--pants, jacket, shirt, vest, even tie) is made to order in France and delivered to your door in 4 weeks.  A tailor is available if any final alterations are needed.  But they won't be. 


Listen, I've seen the suits and they are exquisite.  And not as expensive as you would think, considering.  Depending on what you choose, prices range between $940 and $3000.  This is a suit or tuxedo that will stand the test of time.  Looking through the website and brochure, I can't help but think of my brother Alex.  At 6'4" and thin, he has to get his suits tailored pretty extensively and he is quite the fashion plate, so one of these would be perfect for him.  Plus, Georges' can add whatever flair a man desires...bright orange lining?  Sure.  Swarovski crystals?  Of course.  I know the latter takes a 'specific' kind of guy...and I love him!!  Allure.  Loves.  Georges'.

While we are on the topic, check out The Distilled Man.  Offering classes in "Essential Man Skills".  I kid you not.