Hello. I’m Michelle. Nice to (virtually) meet you. Read through as little or as much of this bio as you like and let me know if you want to chat over the phone.

Congratulations on your engagement.

I would really like you to know this about me.

Every day, I wake up and try to live my life in a way where I honor every moment. If I’m preparing a school lunch in the morning, I do it with love. If I’m teaching a Yoga class, I breathe deep and watch my students to ensure they are safe and breathing deep. If I’m working on a Wedding Day Schedule, I do it with thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Life is long or life is short but no matter how you look at it, every day is a gift and an opportunity...pure potential.
— Michelle
Michelle D. Martinez, Certified Wedding Consultant

Michelle D. Martinez, Certified Wedding Consultant


Education / Certification

I am a Certified Wedding Consultant (CWC). I attended The San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning. I obtained my certification in 2002 and started Allure right away.

In addition to coordinating weddings, I teach a Wedding Planning Business Course at my alma mater. The San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning.  


I have been working in the Events Industry for over 18 years.

At 16 years old, I was immersed in the family business assisting my father in running his limousine service after school and weekends.

I worked in a handful of hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area in various capacities including Assistant to the General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Convention Services.

During the dot-com boom in San Francisco, I worked as an Executive Assistant to the President and then as Facilities Manager where I planned events and after a merger facilitated the move of 500+ employees to a larger office building.

West Coast / East Coast

I was born and raised in  the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2011, I have lived in Boston, Massachusetts. I travel between Boston and San Francisco for weddings. 

Other Interesting Facts

My husband and I married 15 years ago (together for 20!). He is the love of my life and also happens to be the designer of this website.  

I have 2 children. Santiago is 9 and he’s obsessed with Minecraft. Francesca is 7 and she’s obsessed with creating art.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor. I teach classes and practice at least 4 times a week.  I offer Private Yoga Instruction as an extra service to my wedding clients.

I produce and host a Podcast. Check it out. It's Called The Big Wedding Planning Podcast.

I’m a Sagittarius. If Astrology is important to you, then that’s a useful piece of info.

I studied Musical Theatre and acting for quite a few years when I was younger. I always thought I would be a famous singer and actress when I grew up. There’s still time!