Hey. I’m Michelle. Nice to (virtually) meet you. I know A LOT about weddings. I've been doing this a long time and I love it! Just thought I'd throw that out there. "About" pages can be a bit boring. Thanks for reading and let me know if I can help.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Enough about me, let’s talk about you...
What do you think of me?
— CC Bloom, Beaches (the movie)
Michelle D. Martinez, Certified Wedding Consultant

Michelle D. Martinez, Certified Wedding Consultant


Education / Certification

I am a Certified Wedding Consultant (CWC). I attended The San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning. I obtained my certification in 2002 and started Allure right away.

In addition to coordinating weddings, I teach a Wedding Planning Business Course at my alma mater. The San Francisco State University, College of Extended Learning.  


I have been working in the Events Industry for over 18 years.

At 16 years old, I was immersed in the family business assisting my father in running his limousine service after school and weekends.

I worked in a handful of hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area in various capacities including Assistant to the General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Convention Services.

During the dot-com boom in San Francisco, I worked as an Executive Assistant to the President and then as Facilities Manager where I planned events and after a merger facilitated the move of 500+ employees to a larger office building.

West Coast / East Coast

I was born and raised in  the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2011, I have lived in Boston, Massachusetts. I travel between Boston and San Francisco for weddings. 

Other Interesting Facts

I am bi-coastal. My family and I live in Boston and also spend many months a year in San Francisco. I travel back and forth for weddings and I love doing it.

I have 2 children. Santiago is 9 and he’s obsessed with Minecraft. Francesca is 7 and she’s obsessed with creating art.

I am a Certified Yoga Instructor. It's a good counter-balance to being a Wedding Consultant.

I am creator, producer and co-host of a Podcast. Check it out. It's Called The Big Wedding Planning Podcast. Listen, Learn, Plan that wedding! You might even laugh a little. Best of all? It's free!

I’m a Sagittarius. If Astrology is important to you, then that’s a useful piece of info.

I studied Musical Theatre and acting for quite a few years when I was younger. I always thought I would be a famous singer and actress when I grew up. There’s still time!